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contact with Shannon


  • Dress size – 7
  • Age – 28
  • Country – Eastern Europe
  • Bust size – C
  • Orientation – Bisexual
  • Hair colour – Brunette
  • Price 1 hour £100 Add hour from £100
  • Overnight £750

Shannon opened the entryway and she looks simply like her Escorts in London photos. She is wearing high heels and she must be near 6′ tall. When I get in the entryway she begins playing with my areolas through my shirt. I adore having my areolas played with so we’re headed toward a decent begin. This is a little office set up and the back-rub room is through an entryway in the back. Shannon grasps my hand and strolls me to the back-rub room. When we get in there I give her an embrace and we begin some profound tongue kissing. I’m groping her everywhere on that stunning body of hers.
Following a couple of minutes of making out Shannon begins to fix my belt and is fixing the zipper to my shorts. She begins crushing my anaconda through my clothing and she at that point gets down on her knees and takes out my dick and begins sucking and licking it. Shannon does everything with power. She gets a kick out of the chance to suck dick as much as I prefer her sucking it. I need to back her off or will come in that spot.


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