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How to Book Entertainment for a Stag Party

How to Book Entertainment for a Stag Party - photo
One of your friends is getting married. Now, you’ve been tasked with throwing him a stag party so that he can enjoy one final night of being single before he takes a bride. How do you get started? We have a few tips to help you out.

Set the Venue
You have to decide where you want to have the party. If you’re not planning on having more than 10 or 12 people, it might be best to have it in a hotel room. Upgrade to a suite if you have the money so that there’s a little more room. Within a hotel room, you can do a lot without having to worry about a bunch of rules.
You could always choose a restaurant, though that can limit you on the entertainment. Of course, you can always start at a restaurant or bar and then end in a hotel room.

Invite the Guests
Consider who you want to invite to the stag party. Get with the groom to find out about friends, co-workers, and family members that you might not know about. Be sure that everyone you invite is fun and wants to have a good time. If you invite too many people who are uptight, it can put a crimp in your plans. You may want to be upfront and let people know that there will be adult entertainment at the party.
Give everyone some advanced notice of when the party will be. Depending on your budget, ask everyone to chip in some money so that it’s not all on you to handle. It may allow you to have more drinks, include dinner, or go a bit bigger with the entertainment.

Schedule the Entertainment
You have to be realistic about how you’re going to entertain a group of men, especially one who is going to be getting married very soon. The easiest answer is an Wandsworth escort …or a group of escorts. Often, it’s best to book more than one so that everyone is entertained. While girls are creative with how they entertain, it’s best to book one for every four or five guests. It will also ensure that the groom gets a little extra attention, which is the whole point of a stag party anyway.

By telling the operator what you have planned, it’s easier to book with escorts who have experience entertaining at these types of parties. They’ll know more about dancing and keeping guests happy. Plus, we’ll schedule escorts who work well with each other to ensure that there’s more excitement for everyone involved.

Talk to us about your budget and we’ll help you with the stag party. We’ll book the entertainment and guide you towards the best hotels. We can tell you which hotels have the largest suites, which ones offer room service, and more. Let us make it a night the groom-to-be will never forget because that’s what a stag party should be. If it’s done right, none of the guests will ever forget the party, either.

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